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Why choose medfuture for Psychology jobs

We understand the challenges of finding the perfect job in psychology, from fierce competition to limited funding for mental health services, and we are here to help.

Our team of industry recruitment specialists will work with you to highlight your achievements and qualifications, and help you focus your energy on the most rewarding sections of your resume. With our extensive experience, we will assist you in achieving your goals and finding the job that best fits your needs, requirements, and qualifications. Our alternative routes may differ according to the job you apply for, but you can trust us to know what is best for you.

At Medfuture, we also understand the importance of paperwork and liaising with the appropriate authorities. Our competent recruiting professionals have an excellent track record for paperwork and can assist you with the application process for New Zealand's medical regulatory bodies and agencies. We will also handle the application and any necessary supporting paperwork for the relevant processes as per your request, and make sure to promptly follow up with the Department regarding any required documentation.

Don't let the complicated job finding process hold you back. With Medfuture, you can focus on your passion for psychology and leave the rest to us. Trust us to take care of the details and find the perfect job for you.

Area of Speciality

Psychology is a diverse field, and there are many areas of specialty that psychologists can pursue. Here are some of the most common areas of specialty in New Zealand:

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologists work with individuals, families, and groups to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health disorders.

Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychologists work with individuals and groups to help them cope with emotional, social, and behavioral issues.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychologists apply their knowledge of psychology to legal issues, including criminal investigations, court proceedings, and correctional programs.


Neuropsychologists study the relationship between the brain and behavior, including the effects of brain injuries and illnesses on cognitive and emotional functioning.

Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychologists study the physical, cognitive, and social changes that occur throughout the lifespan, from infancy to old age.

Social Psychology

Social psychologists study how individuals and groups interact with each other and how social factors influence behavior.

Educational Psychology

Educational psychologists work in schools and other educational settings to improve learning outcomes and develop interventions for students with learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

Health Psychology

Health psychologists focus on the relationship between psychological factors and physical health, including the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Industrial-organizational psychologists apply psychological principles to the workplace, including employee selection, training, and development, and organizational development.

Sports Psychology

Sports psychologists work with athletes to improve their performance and well-being, including mental skills training and stress management.

International Medical Graduates

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who want to practice psychology in New Zealand have several specialist pathways to follow. These pathways are designed to ensure that IMGs have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and skills to provide quality psychological services in New Zealand. Here are the various pathways available:

  1. Accredited Psychology Qualification: IMGs who have completed an accredited psychology qualification in their home country may be eligible for registration with the New Zealand Psychology Board. However, they must have completed the qualification in the last 10 years and must provide evidence of equivalent accreditation in New Zealand.

  2. Bridging Programs: IMGs who do not have an accredited psychology qualification may be eligible for a bridging program. These programs are designed to help IMGs acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to practice psychology in New Zealand. Bridging programs vary in length and content and may include coursework, supervised practice, and examinations.

  3. Area of Need (AoN) Program: IMGs who wish to work in an area with a shortage of psychologists may be eligible for the Area of Need program. This program allows IMGs to work in designated areas for up to 6 years, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

  4. Specialist Pathway Program: The Specialist Pathway Program is designed for IMGs who have completed specialist training in psychology in their home country. This program allows them to undertake an assessment process to determine their level of knowledge and skills and to identify any gaps in their training. Upon completion of the program, IMGs may be eligible for registration with the New Zealand Psychology Board.

  5. Reciprocal Agreements: New Zealand has reciprocal agreements with several countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. IMGs from these countries may be eligible for registration with the New Zealand Psychology Board, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

In summary, IMGs who want to practice psychology in New Zealand have several specialist pathways to follow. These pathways include accredited psychology qualifications, bridging programs, the Area of Need program, the Specialist Pathway Program, and reciprocal agreements. By following these pathways, IMGs can acquire the necessary qualifications and skills to provide quality psychological services in New Zealand.



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