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Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Medfuture permanent medical recruitment division has helped many Healthcare employers to fill substantive positions in their hospitals and medical practices. As a responsible agency with proven track record, we will ensure that your outsourced recruitment strategy will be managed mindfully once employers enlist our services.

Our dedicated team of recruitment consultants offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist you with any aspect of the New Zealand medical recruitment process. When you work with us, from the initial contact through to departmental integration you will benefit from a comprehensive service and gain invaluable assistance.

Risk Free One-time Payment

Permanent placement fees are negotiated upfront. When a candidate is successfully placed at your medical practice, you can make a one-time payment and never have to worry about payments again. This has helped our clientele of medical employers build trust and improve their cashflow. T&C Apply.

Background/ Credential Verification

We conduct background checks in search of inconsistencies between the information an applicant provides and their actual employment history complying with the hiring laws and regulations.

Our credentialing process often encompasses a review of the candidate’s completed education, training, residency, licenses, and any certifications, hospital privileges history, malpractice claims history, and peer reviews.

Sourcing Talents from Across the Globe

We expand our pool of talents across boundaries to increase your potential of finding the right candidate to perfectly match the needs of your medical practice and keep you ahead of the competition.

Medical Recruitment Specialists

Our team of healthcare recruitment specialists have helped many employers across New Zealand reduce their staffing efforts by helping them recruit perfect permanent medical staff to fill their vacancies. Our straightforward communication with candidates allows us to determine what drives them personally and professionally helping us decide whether they match our client’s vacancy, culture and objective.

No Additional Fees Charged

As a medical employer you will receive Candidate Introductions for free whether or not you select the candidate. Similarly, interviewing candidates on behalf of you will also be in kind. You are only required to make payments once a successful placement is made. T&C Apply.

Associate with Health Insurance Program

We help registered health professionals obtain their Medicare Provider Number (MPN) by guiding them through the application process to benefit patients at your healthcare entity.

Infinite Choices

We offer multiple candidate choices to healthcare entities from our rich pool of candidates. We manage a huge global database of medical professionals, go beyond basic searches, and use the right tools and technology to ensure we accommodate more choices for employers to attain successful placements.

Thorough Screening and Interviewing Process

We conduct careful evaluation at this stage of the process to distinguish top performers from the average. We review each application and determine their eligibility and suitability by making sure the candidate meets the minimum qualifications listed in your original job description, verified accreditation of the medical providers, and then look for skills or characteristics that set the candidates apart.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

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