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Nurses and Care Workers

Let us show you how to experience financial freedom, unlimited career opportunities, and an exciting new life in one of the most wonderful places.

We specialize in helping overseas nurses work and live in New Zealand offering excellent job opportunities with great employers. A shortage of qualified nurses in New Zealand means, career options in the nursing industry are greater than ever before.

You can rely on Medfuture for advice, support, and guidance while you successfully establish your career and attain the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

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Latest Jobs

Nurse Practitioner - Christchurch -...

| South Island

Supportive and friendly work environment Easy access to low-cost service operating i...

Source: Medfuture | Job ID : NU1446

South Island
Practice Nurse - Canterbury - Sout...

| South Island

Salaried position Part-time position Permanent vacancy  Requirement of 16 ho...

Source: Medfuture | Job ID : NU1432

South Island
Nurse Practitioner - Southland - So...

| South Island

Salaried position Flexible hours Permanent vacancy  Lucrative Remuneration ...

Source: Medfuture | Job ID : NU1431

South Island
Practice Nurse - Northland - North ...

Whangarei| North Island

Salaried position Requirement of 32 - 40 hours per week Permanent vacancy Lucrati...

Source: Medfuture | Job ID : NU1430

North Island
Nurse Practitioner - Bay of Plenty ...

| North Island

Salaried position Requirement of 32 hours per week Permanent vacancy Lucrative Re...

Source: Medfuture | Job ID : NU1429

North Island
Vaccination Nurse - Waikato - North...

Auckland| North Island

Salaried position Permanent vacancy 40 hours per week required The medical pra...

Source: Medfuture | Job ID : NU1418

North Island

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